Talking to a counsellor

There are many services avalable both iin person and telephone counselling for cancer patients, their families, friends and care givers who seek counselling to help them through the difficult issues precipitated by a cancer diagnosis.

Below are some helplines we recommend - Macmillan Cancer Support

South England

North London, Central London, East London, West Essex
Rajiv Bhattacharjee
Tel: 01753 581 446 / 07834 191 230

South London, West London
Kara McDonnell
Tel: 07734 551 103

South East England

Surrey, Sussex and Kent
Jane Viner
Tel: 07790 015 448

Other areas


Talking to a counsellor experienced in cancer issues can ease the sense of isolation you may feel and help you to find ways to face the challenges ahead.

Cancer Information
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Cancer Support Service
Free cancer information service staffed by qualified and experienced cancer nurses who help over 50,000 cancer patients and their families by telephone, letter and email·

Publications on all aspects of cancer written specifically for patients and their families.

Resources available online
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